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The Annual General Meeting 2016 of Deutsche Wohnen AG took place on Wednesday, 22 June 2016 at the Marriott Hotel, Hamburger Allee 2, 60486 Frankfurt/Main.

Voting results
Dividend announcement [German version only]
Presentation for the Annual General Meeting [German version only]

The following documents were accessible for shareholders and if requested a copy was sent instantly and free of charge.

Invitation Annual General Meeting 2016/Agenda
Invitation to the Annual General Meeting 2016
Directions to the meeting place
Material required to be made available for inspection
Item 1:
Explanatory notes of the Management Board [German version only]
Annual Report 2015
Annual Financial Statement 2015 Deutsche Wohnen AG
Item 5:
Further information [German version only]
Additional information for shareholders [German version only]
Total of shares and voting rights at the convening of the Annual General Meeting
Articles of Association of Deutsche Wohnen AG [German version only]
Proxy Appointment and Instruction Form
Countermotions and election nominations
There were no counterproposals and/or election nominations.