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Deutsche Wohnen SE is one of Europe’s leading property companies, with around 154,000 residential and commercial units and property assets of around EUR 27.6 billion. Our clear focus is on residential properties in metropolitan areas and conurbations in Germany. The majority of our properties – around 75% – are in the capital city of Berlin.

We substantially increase the value of our properties and generate stable cash flows through active portfolio management. This success is the result of our consistent strategy, which prioritises presence in dynamic, fast-growing property markets. As part of this strategy, we take a sustainable, long-term approach.

Alongside our residential property business, we have also been working in the Nursing and Assisted Living sector for two decades – in the meantime nursing facilities with around 9,580 places belong to our portfolio. Demographic change means that demand in this area is rising constantly.

Property related services are a useful supplement to these business areas. We aim accordingly to improve our customers’ satisfaction and expand our value chain at the same time. This applies in particular to our portfolio’s energy supply, multimedia and concierge services and/or facility management.