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The Annual General Meeting 2019 of Deutsche Wohnen SE took place on Tuesday, 18 June 2019 at the Kap Europa, Osloer Straße 5, 60327 Frankfurt/Main.
Voting results
Dividend Announcement
Presentation for the Annual General Meeting [German version only]
The following documents were available for inspection by shareholders:
Invitation Annual General Meeting 2019/Agenda
Invitation/Agenda of the Annual General Meeting 2019/ (long version)
Invitation/Agenda of the Annual General Meeting 2019 (short version)
Countermotions and election nominations
For the agenda of the Annual General Meeting on 18 June 2019 we received one countermotion. Election nominations were not submitted.
Countermotion by Gerhard Tummuseit [German version only]
The administration is of the opinion that the countermotions with respect to agenda item 2 (Resolution on the utilization of net profits for financial year 2018 by Deutsche Wohnen SE), item 3 (Resolution on the discharge of the members of the Management Board for financial year 2018) and item 4 (Resolution on the discharge of the members of the Supervisory Board for financial year 2018) are unfounded and maintain their motion for the resolution.
Material required to be made available for inspection
Item 1:
Explanatory notes of the Management Board
Item 1 and 2:
Annual Report 2018
Annual Financial Statement 2018 of Deutsche Wohnen SE
Item 2:
Subscription Offer, Prospectus-exemption document, questions and answers on the scrip dividend, dividend calculator
Item 6:
Information about the candidate to be elected as member of the Supervisory Board
Further information:
Total of shares and voting rights at the convening of the Annual General Meeting
Additional information regarding the rights of shareholders
Articles of Association of Deutsche Wohnen SE [German version only]
Proxy Appointment and Instruction Form
Directions to the meeting place