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In accordance with Article 17 of the Regulation (EU) No. 596/2014 (market abuse regulation), domestic issuers of financial instruments must immediately disclose to the public any insider information directly concerning them. The aim of the ad hoc disclosure obligation is to guarantee complete and proper market transparency which is required to ensure that all economic actors are able to participate in integrated financial markets and of key importance in preventing insider trading and misleading of investors.
This rule has been in force since 3 July 2016. Older reports are based on the previously applicable section 15 of the Securities Trading Act (WpHG).

Ad-hoc News 2007

  • 2007‑12‑07

    From now on GEHAG with 99.99 percent under the ownership of Deutsche Wohnen

    In its last session this year, the Berlin Parliament unanimously approved the application of HSH Real Estate AG, Hamburg, for the transfer of the remaining 15% of the shares in GEHAG GmbH to Deutsche Wohnen Group. GEHAG GmbH is thus entirely under the ownership of Deutsche Wohnen Group, apart from the 0.01 per cent which remains with the State of Berlin.

  • 2007‑10‑23

    Deutsche Wohnen AG: Results of the revaluation of the portfolio

    After Deutsche Wohnen AG acquired Berlin-based GEHAG Group in July 2007, the residential property portfolio of Deutsche Wohnen AG, consisting of approximately 50,400 residential units as at 30 June 2007, was the subject of a consistent revaluation carried out by Catella Property Valuation GmbH Chartered Surveyors, using 30 June 2007 as the key date.

  • 2007‑09‑28

    Deutsche Wohnen AG: Change to the Management Board

    The present Chairman of the Management Board Andreas Lehner, will leave the company with effect from October 31, 2007 and has therefore resigned from his current position as member of the management board. The employment contract has been terminated by mutual agreement. As Chairman of the Management Board, Mr. Lehner successfully accomplished the deconsolidation

  • 2007‑09‑17

    Hermann T. Dambach new Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Wohnen AG

    As of today, September 17, 2007, subsequent to his appointment as member of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Wohnen AG by the local court, the Supervisory Board has elected Mr. Hermann T. Dambach Chairman. Mr. Dambach is Managing Director of Oaktree GmbH, Frankfurt. It is intended that besides Mr. Dambach a second Oaktree representative will become

  • 2007‑07‑27

    Deutsche Wohnen AG: Half-Year Results 2007

    For the first half of 2007 Deutsche Wohnen shows within Groups income statement a loss of EUR 4.4 million for profit before tax and a loss of EUR 5.3 million for profit after tax. Information and Explaination of the Issuer to this News: Above mentioned results as at 30 June

  • 2007‑07‑20

    Changes to the Management Board and the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Wohnen AG

    Effective from 01 August 2007, the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Wohnen AG has appointed Mr. Helmut Ullrich as new Chief Financial Officer. Before joining the company’s Management Board, Mr. Ullrich served as managing director of RREEF Management GmbH (formerly DB Real Estate Management GmbH) and RREEF Investment GmbH (formerly DB Real Estate Investment

  • 2007‑07‑03

    Deutsche Wohnen AG: Agreement to merge with GEHAG Group

    On 2 July 2007 Deutsche Wohnen AG reached an agreement with OCM Luxembourg Real Estate Investments S.à.R.l. and OCM Luxembourg Opportunities Investments S.à.R.l. and concluded a notarised contract regarding the merger of Deutsche Wohnen Group with GEHAG Group (Berlin). Both selling parties mentioned above are backed by the private equity company Oaktree

  • 2007‑04‑20

    Deutsche Wohnen AG: Changes in the Management Board

    Michael Neubürger resigned his position as member of the Management Board, this with immediate effect. The labour contract was anuled by mutual agreement. Since 2001 Michael Neubürger was responsible for the finance and the residential privatizazion of Deutsche Wohnen AG. The Supervisory Board thanks Michael Neubürger for his longtime activities for

  • 2007‑02‑05

    Deutsche Wohnen with record earnings - substantially exceeding earnings forecast and earnings 2005

    On basis of a preliminary consolidated financial statement (IFRS), Deutsche Wohnen AG is expecting that its consolidated profit after tax for full-year 2006 of around EUR 31 million will be around 82% above the 2006 forecast of EUR 17 million, and approx. 94% higher than the 2005 profit of EUR 16 million. Deciding for this is the initial full consolidation