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Notification about managers’ transactions pursuant to Article 19 of the Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 (Market Abuse Regulation - MAR)

Under Article 19 of the MAR, Persons discharging managerial responsibilities, as well as persons closely associated with them are obliged to disclose transactions conducted on their own account involving shares or debt instruments of Deutsche Wohnen SE or related financial instruments. Deutsche Wohnen SE publishes such information immediately after being notified of such transactions.

The regulation has been in force since 3 July 2016. Older notifications are based on § 15a WpHG (German Securities Trading Act) that applied before.

Director's Dealings 2021

Date Notification by:
01/12/2021 Tina Kleingarn
25/11/2021 Tina Kleingarn
19/11/2021 Lars Urbansky
19/11/2021 Lars Urbansky
20/10/2021 Michael Zahn
16/09/2021 Philip Grosse
16/09/2021 Henrik Thomsen
16/09/2021 Lars Urbansky
16/09/2021 Michael Zahn
16/09/2021 Tina Kleingarn
16/06/2021 Michael Zahn
08/06/2021 Philip Grosse
20/04/2021 Lars Urbansky
19/04/2021 Tina Kleingarn
12/04/2021 Henrik Thomsen