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You can find information on the latest developments and events at Deutsche Wohnen here. More news can also be found under press releases.

Corporate News 2008

  • 2008‑05‑29

    Deutsche Wohnen AG: Successful business operations in the first quarter of 2008

    Deutsche Wohnen AG will be presenting its business figures for the first quarter of 2008 today, 29 May 2008. The Group achieved an EBITDA of EUR 32.9 million, which represents a 15% increase over the first quarter of 2007 (pro forma). In terms of business operations, the first quarter thus exceeded expectations. In particular, it was possible to increase

  • 2008‑03‑06

    Deutsche Wohnen AG: Convertion from registered shares into bearer shares

    Convertion from registered shares into bearer shares Shareholders of Deutsche Wohnen AG have the opportunity to convert their registered shares into bearer shares. Bearer shares and registered shares grant same rights to Deutsche Wohnen AG. Starting from today the convertion form is available on for download. The convertion

  • 2008‑02‑07

    Deutsche Wohnen AG: Uwe E. Flach appointed as new member of the supervisory board

    Uwe E. Flach has been appointed by court as new member of the supervisory board of Deutsche Wohnen AG, effective 16 January 2008. Mr. Flach has been working with Oaktree GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, as Senior Advisor since early 2004. Before joining Oaktree, Mr. Flach worked in the banking sector and was member of the management board of DZ Bank until 31