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In accordance with Article 17 of the Regulation (EU) No. 596/2014 (market abuse regulation), domestic issuers of financial instruments must immediately disclose to the public any insider information directly concerning them. The aim of the ad hoc disclosure obligation is to guarantee complete and proper market transparency which is required to ensure that all economic actors are able to participate in integrated financial markets and of key importance in preventing insider trading and misleading of investors.
This rule has been in force since 3 July 2016. Older reports are based on the previously applicable section 15 of the Securities Trading Act (WpHG).

Ad-hoc News 2008

  • 2008‑06‑18

    Deutsche Wohnen AG: Disposal of cable business subsidiary AKF

    Subject to the approval of the responsible antitrust authority Deutsche Wohnen AG, Frankfurt, is selling its subsidiary AKF-Telekabel TV und Datennetze GmbH, including AKF’s subsidiaries and participations, to Versatel AG. By the sale Deutsche Wohnen AG will abandon its cable business and thereby continues to focus on its core business residential

  • 2008‑03‑27

    Deutsche Wohnen AG: Results for 2007 and Financial Reporting Enforcement Panel (FREP)

    Deutsche Wohnen AG today (March 27, 2007) announces its consolidated financial results for the full year 2007. Following the merger with GEHAG in August 2007, the company has decided to present two sets of results, one on an actual basis which includes GEHAG for the actual five months and one on a pro forma basis. The pro forma results which are presented

  • 2008‑02‑11

    Deutsche Wohnen AG: Implementation of restructuring plan

    Today, the Management Board of Deutsche Wohnen AG agreed on a restructuring plan for Deutsche Wohnen Group. As a consequence, several branches will be shut down and personnel will be reduced. Group wide, approximately 140 out of 490 jobs will be cut in the residential business division, resulting in annual cost savings of approximately EUR 10 million